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Survivor 13: Cook Islands Filming is scheduled between June 26th through August 4th in Aitutaki's quintessential blue lagoon. Other countries have used the same location, and the UK version just finished filming their most recent installment earlier this year. In the past, two of the small islets--called motus--Rapota and Moturakau are the Tribal Camps. SEG has booked many of the local resorts for lodging.  The first westerner to visit Cook Islands was Captain Bligh, just days before the mutiny, although he never laid foot on the atoll. The lagoon was once a refueling stop for the TEAL trans-Pacific flying boats. The motu Rapota once held a leper colony. Jeff Probst mentioned that the next location is the theme of the show, which is expected to take advantage of the mutiny story. A Bounty-like derelect of a ship, built in two parts, will be used as the Tribal Council set, and a similar wreck used for Exile Island. 

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