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Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites

Survivor Maps has learned that Survivor has returned to Palau to film another All-Stars version, this time with half returnees and half new cast, rumored to be die-hard fans of the show. Filming began about October 29th, and filming must be completed in time for Probst and the S15 cast selected to participate in S16 to appear at the Survivor: China finale. The S10 locations will reprise their roles for Tribal Camps, Exile Island, Tribal Council, Challenges, Production Facilities, and Loser Lodge (the Ponderosa).

The tribe names will be Malakal (purple) and Airai (orange), merge tribe Dabu (yellow)
Kmekumer I. is confirmed as Exile Island.

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The jury and pre-jury contestants stayed at North Beach Cottages again, nicknamed "The Ponderosa."
The trip to Tribal Council from the Ponderosa is about 45 kilometers by land and 8 kilometers by sea.

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Traditional Palauan war canoe(s) were used to maroon the cast at their camps on the first day.

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Big Fish, Inc. aka Survivor: Micronesia, posted outside the production area.

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